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CLS strives to use the best installation materials on the market. Our standard choices are:

Wood subflooring

  • Exterior Grade Tongue and Groove Plywood


Cement Board 

  • Durock Next Generation


Tile Flooring Substrate 

  • Schluter Ditra Uncoupling System (Varying thicknesses)

  • Laticrete Strata Mat Uncoupling System (Varying thicknesses)


Waterproofing Systems 

  • Schluter Kerdi board or fabric

  • Laticrete Hydro ban waterproofing system



  • TEC Full Flex to adhere tile substrates to wood

  • Schluter All-set Mortar on top of Schluter systems

  • TEC Superflex for Glass tile applications

  • Laticrete TRI-LITE on Hydroban Systems

  • Schluter All-set on Hydroban Systems where screeding is necessary


We utilize commercial-grade, cementious grouts that contain a stain-guard component in them. This mitigates the need for subsequent sealing of the grout component every year. 

  • TEC Power Grout

  • Laticrete PermaColor Select



  • TEC 100% Silicone

  • Laticrete Latisil Silicone


Tile and Grout Sealer

  • Miracle Sealants Porous Plus

  • Miracle Sealants 511 Impregnator


Fasteners and screws

  • GRK fasteners for all wood assemblies

  • Alkaline Resistant fasteners where contact with mortar is certain

  • Hydro Ban screws for Laticrete Hydro Ban System

  • Schluter fasteners and washers for Schluter Kerdi Board System

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