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Creative Living Spaces is a building firm specialized in high-end residential renovations. Our team of professionals delivers quality craftsmanship and professional construction management services for  renovation projects to clients in western Michigan.

When asked to answer the question “What is Creative Living Spaces?”  owner Joe explains:


“Creative Living Spaces is an ideology and an experience. It means always doing it right, not cutting any corners, and showing up 100% for the relationship we’re excited to develop with our clients. 


We are a versatile company that responds to the evolving needs of the individual project; maintaining focus on quality craftsmanship, functional strength, and aesthetic balance at every turn.


Our goal is to give you as a client a personalized experience that puts you at ease. Our team has worked in some of the most demanding environments in regard to work quality and technical proficiency. Our confidence has been earned. We do our homework on a regular basis to ensure we are only using the best products and techniques available. Every aspect of the construction project is critical to the overall longevity of our work. We take the time to make sure every layer is done correctly, always building up from a strong foundation. We aim to give that peace of mind to those we are fortunate to work with.”

Hotel Room

When asked “What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?” Joe shares:


“Any really successful endeavor between two people requires both parties to show up with intention. Mutual respect and appreciation honors the human component to the necessity of business interactions. When someone makes it a point to see the effort you are bringing to the table and appreciates the consideration you are giving them, it makes all the challenge worth it. My team and I are highly motivated by the opportunity to do right by good people. At the end of the day, the best business relationships are forged between clients and providers who value the same ideals.” 

If working with the Creative Living Spaces team and Joe feels like the right fit for you, reach out now to set up a free quote and get the process started!



Creative Living Spaces is owned by experienced contractor Joe Quinn. Joe is the type of person who strives to do his best in everything he does. Throughout his career, he has set himself apart by exposing himself to rigorous training, working with the most complex installations around, and learning from some of the most experienced professionals in his field. The drive to hone his skills and effectively lead others, led Joe to graduating college with a four year degree in business management, attending graduate school to pursue a master’s in psychology, gaining the designation of a nationally Certified Tile Installer (CTI), and becoming a fully Licensed Residential Builder in Michigan. His work ethic, exceptional standards, and great attention to detail are only matched by his personability.


Joe is someone who genuinely likes to connect with people. He believes the key to a successful project is in understanding the client and respecting who they are as a person first and foremost. Coupling his 15 years of experience in the industry with his love for people, he aims to give those he serves a one of a kind, personalized experience that they will remember. 


You could say this type of work is in Joe’s DNA. Ever since he was a child, he could be found doing building projects with his dad. From building sheds and garages, to laying driveways and decks, Joe was always eager to help create. Being appreciated for his skill to work with his hands and the positive energy he could bring, made an impression on him; laying the foundation for a rewarding career in the future. 


The most important things in the world to Joe are his beautiful wife and daughter, his loving friends and family, connecting with, rehabilitating, and respecting nature, and allowing his personal integrity to drive his decisions in work and life. When he’s looking to rejuvenate himself with introverted activities, Joe can be found drawing comic book characters, writing music, practicing the guitar, and diving into his most recent passion of learning.

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